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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Continuing study? Should I at my age right now?

I am rather confused whether should I continue to study, taking another degree course and if I really want to, is it too old for me to do so? I m at the early 30s now, I have wasted quite a few years back for doing nothing, something that is not much related to my study because way back at that time I only think of earning money instead of studying(waste more money) and helping the society at least doing something right to the society.

It has been years I not knowing what I want, everyone have dreams, I do have a dream but it was so unrealistic while I don't even can overcome stage fright, and because I knew that It's not gonna happen so I decided to just to give up and daydreaming about it. Since I m no longer young, I knew that my dream gonna be far away or even already vanished for a long long time. Now I have another dream, and yes this one is much more realistic, it is videography. I tend to love videography after watching a lot of tv series, I love how they capture the video in a very fantastic way, I love how they capture the best angle not only make the environment look better also make all the characters in the movie look so attractive. I have found a lot of apps on my smartphone and the only thing I can practice is by using my own phone because I do not have so many tools for me to do a better video. I started with a short video clip, it wasn't nice because it is too simple, and also most of the downloaded apps only valid for few months, the functions of the apps are limited and after the due date it might need us to purchase it. Also, edited video's quality seems to be reduced and distracted. I personally don't think it worth my money, as to compare to most pc software which generate much better quality and effect but of course with higher cost.

I knew that I m not gonna make my dream comes true again if I keep delaying, So since I knew I m not someone who will take immediate action easily, I m very passive so I decided to continue another course related to videography but I m not sure whether should I do so, I m not confident enough, I m afraid of failure.... I m not young anymore and that makes me stuck for whether should I continuing my study or just stay what I m right now and work. If I continuing my study I might be the oldest student in the class, If I do not, then another dream going to say goodbye. Please let me know if you have any opinion. Thank you

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