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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How do you categorize a modern country???

How do you categorized developed country? I can't figure it out because once people told me about certain country regarding how develop they are but it seems like it was categorized in a certain category, such as they might have a very good transportation system, very fast internet speed, very huge and incredible freeways, but how about the environment? how about the buildings, the surrounding? 

Me, myself, I live in Malaysia, I won't said that it is a third world country but maybe some other small towns might be, well as most people outside our country didn't know that we are actually divided into 2 parts that are west and east, I m from the east, the Borneo island. Most of the western(peninsular Malaysia) would think of the East Malaysia being laid at back and under development but when I visited the Peninsular, It doesn't really impress me a lot except having lots more skyscraper and better public transportation system. 

The US is a very developed country, but my Indonesian friend who has been residing in Burbank Los Angeles told me that their public transport wasn't good enough. So I guess we cannot judge a country development through its public transport. L.A is a modern city but having a bad public transport system, while Beijing is also modern but with a lot of old buildings every where in the city. Taipei is a modern city but lots of mixed outdated shophouses, street store, even farms could be found in the urban area. 

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