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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Annoying Traffic everyday

I've been driving more than 30 minutes from home to work in previous years since I moved to other district but things got worse a few months later & it took me more than 40 minutes or even up to an hour commute time to work.

Now, I mean just now, iI just use my smartphone's GPS to calculate how much I spend on my travelling route & it estimate it for me roughly 53 minutes but in the end, it extended up to 72 minutes from home to work. I always back home only after 8 or 9pm just to avoid the traffic, well without the jam, I manage to use roughly 20 minutes to reach home, see the differences? 72 minutes vs 20 minutes, that's mean I have wasted another 50 minutes each way from home to work or from work back to home (If I go back right after work). That's mean each day I've spent 2.5 hours in my car not to mention finding parking and going to other places.

1 thing I really felt so disappointed, before this heavy traffic jam, there are no traffic lights along the highways, now they build more traffic lights just to let those in certain areas easy to access to the highway. That is the main factor of traffic getting worse. By the way, the only way to avoid the traffic is still facing the heavy traffic jam or else you'll have to drive before 6am. We can't rely on any public transport because we do not have any public transport and our city is growing super fast each day making it more densely populated.

Now I only have 2 choices, 1 is to still live at my house but go back only after 8pm , then drive to work before 6am to avoid the traffic jam. Another choice is to move nearer, but I'll have to pay for the rental and sharing room with another person since downtown rental is not cheap.

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