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Monday, May 22, 2017


Hey it is May, No it is almost end, and June is coming really soon, OMG! why time never wait for me, it run faster than the HSR!! while my speed is neither a snail, my schedule always delay, worst than AA, wait for me!! I m not ready for another month yet!!! I m still fat, I wanna lost weight!!! I have been setting my target like 4 years ago but non working because I never start!  T.T who's gonna volunteer to be my motivator?? I don't wanna look fat all the time, I need to lost more weight!!! I look like a balloon now and I hate it so much! Someone please accompany me to the fitness centre, I really need to lost weight fast but not really fast, I don't wanna look saggy and old! Anyway I still need to lose weight!!! HELP ME!! HELP! HELP!!!!

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