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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bad review of A7 LCD display screen

Before I purchase this phone last year, that was when I was travelling to China where my previous phone (Mi-note) self-damage at his own hometown, not sure is it because of the cold weather that kills him, So once came back I directly bought myself a new phone Galaxy A7 2016, last year March At Samsung KLCC.

It has been work really fine until late December last year where the LCD screen seems to be blinking all the times and only got to fix it on March this year when the problem got worse. After fixed and used for not longer than 3 months duration, the LCD eventually comes with the same problem again and now worse! I always tot that Galaxy A7 2016 was a good phone, because of the reviews! it does perform well but the LCD seems to be not durable at all.

I m gonna change a new phone soon, if I have known earlier I won't purchase A7, doesn't mean that it is not good but the LCD screen just isn't durable enough, you won't want to keep replacing the LCD screen like 2 to 3 times a year, that would cost the same price as buying a new phone, why don't just replace a new phone rather than keep sending your phone to the repairing centre and wait for about weeks to get them back? Waste of time and money.

By the way, I might not be going to fix the LCD so soon after purchasing a new phone, might not going to throw it away as well but will fix it once I; ve enough $$$$, since now I m facing financial problem, so gonna be a delay for the LCD replacement, might be after I came back from Japan trip then.

I would like to release my stress and express my feeling right now, I m so so so so boring without a properly functioning phone, looking at the LCD screen with a lot of strings and dots just really annoying! Pity me!!!!!Why can I be so pity ???? :'(

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