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Friday, April 15, 2016

Wind Water

Wind and Water

I have an issue every morning when i woke up, my feet ankle felt sore and my back is pain. I kinda believe in Fengshui & I've recognize and knew that there are problems arise in my own bedroom, my side bed is facing my bathroom door which is not good in fengshui. when I laid down on my bed, my lower body started from my waist to leg is facing to the toilet door. The next day I would felt bad around my back and feet ankle. How I solve this problem I get a red color unused blanket and cover my toilet door. It doesn't completely cover it and I close my toilet door all the time. Just right after I do that, everything changed, I get a much more peaceful night sleep and when the next morning I wake up I doesn't felt anything pain around my feet ankle anymore.

There are so many thing about fengshui which I found really works in our lifestyle environment. Mirrors should not be facing your bed and close your doors all the time when you are about to sleep. windows curtains only open during the day time and remove all electronic stuff, if you need your phone to next to yourself so much, try to put it as far as it could in the room because it will interrupt your good sleep.

After applying these, I really felt much more comfortable and better not only I get a good sleep, they next day I never gonna felt sleepy at work. Fengshui are kinda real and if u apply properly it really give you a smoother lifestyle. I still have a lot to study and I also got confuse with lots different fengshui knowledge from the media.

Good luck for everyone who are applying fengshui in their life! 

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