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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chinese Ghost Festival

The Chinese Ghost Festival or so called the Ghost month would fall under 14th August to 12th September 2015. During this period many Chinese believer would tend to avoid negative energy.

Here are some activities to stay in safe zone

1. Avoid Swimming
Spirits tend to attracted to water. If swimming cannot be avoided, one should leave the beach or the swimming pool before sunset.

2. Avoid dangerous sports

3. Avoid talking about spirits and ghosts
One should respect towards spirits instead of showing off bravery and strength.

4. Avoid getting married
Since spirits roam the world of the living, they might interfere with occasions like wedding. If a wedding has already been set, hold the celebration between morning until noon.

5. Be careful when driving
Drivers, especially ladies, bring a companion when driving

6. Avoid repairs and construction
House repairs and construction should be started before the ghost month as spirits attracted to noise.

7. Avoid starting a business or signing a contract
Businesses and agreements signed or reached during this month tend to face challenges.

8. Watch over children carefully

9. Postpone any surgery or medical procedure
Those who undergo medical procedure during this month tend to take longer time to recover.

10. Avoid killing insects
There is a belief that insects are reincarnation of spirits.

11. Avoid emotional instability 
Those with emotional problems should stay strong

12. Avoid air or sea travel

* To prevent spirits from going to your house, it is to advised putting enough lights or salt in both the house's front and back doors.

Anyway this is just a belief, do not over superstitious, just relax and do not scared yourself. 

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