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Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas in coming to town

It doesn't seem exciting and special at all for Christmas especially if you stay in a country in south east asia like me where there are no winter, no snow, no cold weather but still remain hot and sweaty day but we still do celebrate Xmas and no a lot of things are very happening here in Kuching city. I could see a very large xmas tree decorated outside and inside the shopping mall and public areas around the town. Here are some photos captured by me using my lousy phone, & mostly are captured at the spring shopping mall where I could find the best Christmas decoration in town. XD 

 You could imagine how hot it is...(around 27 Celsius) and this is 7:30am in the morning and the sun already shine so bright. it turned up to 33 celsius during the noon time! we are celebrating the hot Christmas...So so so envy those who stay in the four season country.

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