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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Avoiding, just need some space

Recently I've been less contacting anyone out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, movie and unless they call me up but still have to decided depends on my mood.

I don't really like this month, October used to be the busiest month for me, not in term of work but my life. I m having a tired life, most of them came due to mis-understanding. I don't like to get upset and angry, no 1 likes tat either... It has been 1 week I did not hang out with anyone except last 2 nights but they might find out that I m too quite and I know that would cause another mis-understanding, that is why I really need some space to be alone because too much inside my mind right now, my brain's neurons won't have much space to store it. I just came back from holiday trip with my family and yet things got worse.

I hope that 1 day I would go back to those days before October, It wasn't awesome at all this month, weather seems to be cooler but my heart seems to be the hottest summer that burned non-stop.

Blaaaaa...just posting here to burst out all my stresss....

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