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Monday, August 11, 2014

Bump, it always block my way

I m someone who really care about how people look at me and judge me. Negative view from people cause me really down and I really try my very best to be good.

Recently things doesn't goes smoothly. First, My bestie who suppose to be with me all the times now seldom meet me but only find me if he have somethings that need my help. Ok I did reject him because of his unappreciated behaviour. But why can he changed into someone like that?? I don't understand...

Second, my colleagues did not trust me anymore, they view me as someone extra in the office and this stress me out! I felt like I m someone extra that did not help out the company since website of the company did not have much changes need to do.

Third, my housemate problem. They keep on spot checking me like I m a thief or they just too free until nothing to do, they even keep on staring at me and secretly looking at me through my room's window. Suspecting me for doing somethings that they don't like. 

Lastly, my housing loan does not approve, last 2 week the housing agent had promise me to keep the house for me since I have book it and confirm that I really want this house, only by last week not even a week the lawyer did not approve due to my age was below 30. our government set a new law where only people with basic income between 2500 to 7500 would be able to loan a low cost house, approximately cost around 50k to 100k. People with salary below than 2500 could not afford to buy a low cost house, instead rent a room or buy a high cost house. But the funniest part is, people with salary below than 2500 or above 7500 could buy a high cost house, which is house cost above 400k. Then why people with salary below 2500 could not buy a low cost house but was allowed to buy a high cost house??? The funniest law ever made this year.. 

How I hope things could just goes smoothly with no bump in the journey of my life. Maybe I really need to take a break, Maybe I should stop working for a moment? Maybe I should go for a short trip? What a troublesome life!

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