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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Like and Hate at the same time

Sometimes I just want things to go that way, sometimes I just need time alone, sometimes I just wanna avoid something, someone, some place for certain reason.

I have to force myself to like something or someone or some place that I don't like but it need times. I m tired and still unable to like it. I don't really like my job, but I force myself to do it at the end....I only like it sometimes and other times I don't like it. I might use to like it but due to some mistake, I hate it. It is like a hate and like feeling sometimes. But no work means no $ so what to do, I still have to force myself but sometimes avoid some particular small details that would make me go insane.

I force myself to avoid people even though I knew that I would be very boring. I get bored very easily, due to I m a saggitarian, I believe in horoscope anyway and I get bored easily but still, sometimes I have to force myself to avoid some people that making me going insane. But people just couldn't understand my feeling...
I might choose only certain people to hang out with and avoid others, other might though I m choosy or whats going on with me and another person, well nothing! Just need time to avoid this kind of people, doesn't means that no longer hang out with him or her in future just temporary need to avoid due to something,(Unexplainable, or too much to be explained). Another thing, I don't like hang out when there's only 3 ppl, as for me another person would be abandoned and get bored, might be me or might not me but just don't like it because it did happened and I just don't like it.

I force myself to like a place that I hate or like sometimes. I don't even like the place I stay right now, it is small and hot but at the same time if you ask me to move out I might miss this place! I don't know whats wrong with me but maybe of contradiction. I hate the feeling of like and hate at the same times but like is better than hate so I force myself to like it, and I believe as time passed I would eventually love this place but still like and hate is in the air.

Am I crazy!!!??? OmG!!! I have too many complainant in my life, I fade up because of not living in the perfect world, People thought I m weird because of my like and hate feeling toward certain stuff. I hate and like myself as well. 

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