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Friday, June 13, 2014

Listen back to the old songs, bring back all the old time memories

Accidently saw an old songs during my high school time when I browse for some random songs from my phone apps just now. It really bring me back the past, from the old time when I was still a teen.

I don't like my high school time at all, even-though most of my friends told me that, that's there best unforgettable memories. Maybe due to my passive attitude and I don't have friends, my neighbour is my only friend but because of his family business fail, they move to Kuching in year 2001 which I don't even know until last 2 years I met him again. I did make friend with a nerd in my tuition class when I was in form 4, hmm not sure if that's true friend, we use to sit together in tuition class but never talk, just sit together that's all. But luckily every time when I was back from school or tuition, my dog will accompany me. I like my dog so much until when I finish my high school and about to leave my hometown to continue my college classes, I cry because I have to leave my dog.

There's once when my brother get back home he borrow a cd from his friend. It's a boyband "Energy" and "Tension", I beg a lot of youngster nowdays don't know that but this boy band are super famous during the early 2000s. I listen it and one of the song is “只做朋友” by Tension. I remember I keep hit on repeat for this song until I sleep in the room. I spend almost everyday in my room except dinner. I m not smart in class, I placed in the second last class and get almost the last place. I m super poor in academic and never do sport, everyone knows that I m a nerd.

High School is nightmare for me, I hate school until I escape for several times because other students like to bully me. I have a lot of nickname given by them and always being make fun of. If I was in school, I would have to hide myself by sitting behind and during break time I would just buy and take away, walk beside school lab's toilet then eat there.

After graduated from high school, I felt myself like free from jail. I never felt so comfortable and happy before because I was no longer stuck in the hell school, no tuition, no books, no bullies and I drive, wootz! first time driving and still heard people saying the nerd start to drive when they saw me... Whatever! by the way I was pity looking at them still wait for bus at the bus stop while I start driving already. But not for long I leave my hometown and go to college for further studies. I hate school but college was different, It was fun and people there are much more mature and less childish although still some monkeys spotted but atleast better than high school where gorilla, orang utan, king kong and apes are spotted everywhere in every corner.

I have a bad childhood, everyone look down at me. I also having very hard time during my teen life, I don't like it at all and don't even wanna remember it until this song pop out It remind me a lot of old memories but I won't even want to go back. I like my life now! No more lonely, no more hate, no more frustrated.

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