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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jing-Si Books & Cafe


The beginning of June which is also the starting of another half year for 2014. The time flies just like that without our realization that 2014 have already end it's half and another half year, 2015 would be coming soon. 

Sunday is always boring for me, because in a calm city like Kuching, we have no where to go and that's make me and my friend thinking of going to somewhere we could online while enjoy a comfortable environment. Our first thought would Starbucks, CoffeeBean or some other cafe that provide free wifi. As we round around the downtown and suddenly we saw this unique cafe that looks like a library where you should remain silent when you entered this cafe. 

There were a lot of students inside this cafe, the price range for the beverages were than starbucks but the best thing here is you won't felt noisy and distracted because this place even though a lot of people there but they remain really silent. If you went to starbucks I mean atleast here in Kuching you will easily distracted by a lot of youngsters that always talk so loud. 

And another great thing is, all the waiter and waitress here are the elderly people and the serve us very politely and the services are awesomely great!!
Here are some pictures that I took during my visit to Jing-Si Books & Cafe

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