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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is your salary fit your current needs?

Is your salary fit your current needs?

If you ask me if my monthly salary fit my current needs, I would have to said, yes in a very province way, but only enough for me to survive, 3 meals + rental and no saving. I have ask a lot of my friends and ex-classmates (Master degree graduated), giving me the same answer except for those who're extremely hard worker that could handle tough projects or getting a part time job after work which is very tiring..

One thing that I realize in my country is that, people who are rich would be extremely rich but the poor would be super poor. I have a lot college graduated friends who end up working with low income, some even lower than their own college fees. I have 2 friends who owned the best academic in school. 1 end up to be a salesman where his jobscope are not related to the course that we've taken and another one end up being jobless. The one who work as a salesman have an average income but he complained that his working hours are too long and have to travelling from one place to another within a week.

I also have another friend, who drop out from college because of several failure in school. He is not good in academic and cheat during the exam. Surprisingly he is now one of the most successful person among my friends. But maybe this is his fate because he work for his family and he is coming from very rich background. So from here you can see that the rich become richer and poor become poorer. Rich people, no matter how dumb or low educated they are, they still can be richer as long as they have money to invest, while poor people have to study very hard to get a good result so that they could work in a big company, but end up they work for the rich which makes the rich richer. Poor people have no money to invest therefore they still have just to work. But with current salary It is hard for them to set up their own company unless it was 20 years ago where our country economy was still stable. The gap between rich and poor are very big and  with my current salary now, I considered as poor people. If not because of family support I think I end up to be a beggar. 

Some affordable people tend to leave their company and set up their own business and most of them would do it by sharing. There are still companies with good benefits but it was like 1 out of 10. No surprise if you found a lot of Malaysian work part time or having their own side income because Malaysia's economy was dropping  since last few years. Hopefully It would be stable again so that our people would not suffer from financial crisis. Everyone wants what they want, but limitation was there, even rich people sometimes could not afford what they want but remember "money can't buy happiness but poverty can't buy anything" So if you think that money is not important then you're wrong because without money you can't buy anything. 

I m poor so I need a side income, I have a dream to be rich, not necessary to be a billionaire. I want everyone to be rich so that there are no crimes and criminals, no people who suffer from sickness and hunger. And lastly I want everyone to care one another

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