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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In The End by FFK

FFK(Faye, Fang and Kaew)'s new song lyric translated to english "In The End"

It started with the indifference you showed me
It started soon after you met her
I can figure it out, I know your problem, we’ll be over pretty soon

You might still have feelings for me, or you’re afraid it’s just a mistake
No matter what I think, you act like that
I know you’re forcing yourself in order to leave some day, don’t hide it from me

Please tell me how long I have the right to hurt for?
And how much longer will I be able to stand at your side?
Just say it straight, I don’t want a lot of understanding
I’m just asking for the truth
Please just tell me when we’ll break up?
On the last day when I won’t have anything left
The day you won’t care, when you intend to dump me
I’ll reach the ending day and the right to sadness

When you’ve given her all your feelings, no matter how much I think I need you
I’ll be tortured if you don’t care, but I’ll probably have to keep it in

If someone doesn’t love me, there’s no need to think about making them care
The right of the loser is to stop crying out for you to have sympathy
Remember that
I’ll reach the ending day and the right to sadness

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