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Monday, June 30, 2014

Good news and bad news comes at once!

This happened last night when I went to The Spring Shopping mall just for a moment to bought a shampoo. Due to not going to spend much time there I decide to just park at the side of the mall and went in to the watson store to buy my shampoo only after less than 20 minutes when I went out, I got a summon paper. And due to the statement I was listed in offence number 2, which I check from the internet I have to pay 150 for the first 7 days and delay after that would increase the amount and another weeks increase again....

I took the photo of the summon and show it to my friend and ask them whether I really have to pay that much but since they told me they ever parked there before for several times and they only paid for 30! So I hope mine would be the same price. By the way I m going to take annual leave tomorrow just to paid my summon and guess what, after the bad thing happened, good things come. I received a letter from Perodua service centre mentioned that I have 1 free car inspection and maintenance on this coming14th July. Bad news and good news comes at once! so Equal! Still I m thinking so much right now because I m lack of money now and my bank account is empty!!!

Here's the photo of my summon coupon looks like:

And this is the letter I received for free car inspection and services on 14th July

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