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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 years

I almost forgot that I have been staying here for 10 years!! 10 years...since I m 17 years old I move to this city in the year of 2004 and now 2014, It's 10 years, time flies and I don't even recognize it. I m old but yet look young physically...Lol...

been out to work for 5 years! since 2010, and now its 5 years, OMG!!! why time passed so fast!!! Now I start to worry because I m turning older, I scared of wrinkles, I scared of white hair, I scared that there would be a lot more things coming up and give me the stress even though now i m so free because for my current situation I don't have to worry anything...

Still in the future there might be something for me to worry off.... Can I go back to the year 2004? XD

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