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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Travelling Mood!

Countdown to September, Taiwan I m coming, OMG why m i so excited!! ><,But well it's only taiwan, which over the coming years I would be able to travel out of asia, L.A!! yes, Please wait for me, I plan to visit u mayb in another next 5 years!! Start saving money from now on!!!

Ok basically this would be more about my up coming Taiwan trip, I did not know much about this island so I guess I can only search it through Google, and found that too many places of interest and I have take note some of the favorite places especially foods.

A lot of people said, Taiwan is a good place for you to search for nice delicious foods, so if you are food lovers, don't miss out Taiwan. I will visit Shilin's Night market for my upcoming trip. By the way since I m on my budget trip to Taiwan, I m not gonna use Taxi or stay in a luxury hotel so What I do would be, bring myself there and walk as far as I could, see as many as i can. I really need some opinion from bloggers beside Shilin's night market, Jiu fen, Yang Ming mountain, Wu long mountain, Wu Fen Bu night market, Dan shui Fishing village, is there any other place that worth  to visit? Please comment, Thank you very much :)

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