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Monday, May 26, 2014

Tired Soul

My soul is tired, not much going through but a broken friendship can let me really down, My bestie no longer the best friend of mine, never find me unless there is something he need, tats mean using me. Only when he need me to do something for him then he start to find me and ofcos i m not happy with that. Selfish! I really hate selfish friend. I treat him as my best friend but he treat me like ****. I m too angry, upset, frustrated and don't even call him neither do him. I was expected tis might comes to an end. Never thought tis could happened and nvr tot he could be that selfish. Before we got closer, he was a super nice person who I actually felt annoying due to his clingy attitude, but now it seems like we are in our opposite position and i m getting clingy and that makes me felt he is kinda selfish while everything he did was right and everything I do was wrong. OMG!! how to overcome this!!! should I just left this friend out of my life??! I m very tired with this kind of friendship n I hate compromise!

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