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Friday, May 23, 2014


Last week I've watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 and the story was awesome, a lot of good review, unique story line and extra villian, The electro...Cool! and Last night I went to the cinema for another new movie "GODZILLA".

The GODZILLA 2014, overall was okay, the animation was great, the Godzilla turn fatter and also turn to be a good monster who help human to defeat the new enemy, the one that looks like praying mantis or bat (wateva)...But for the story, kinda funny where it mention that Tsunami and earthquake was actually happened because of the monsters...and the funniest part is Honolulu owned MRT?? I thought the MRT was still in planning and don't even start the construction yet...well I know this is just a movie so can't blame it, they make it more interesting cos only by this way people will watch it due to the unique plot and new characters. So far a lot of good review from my friends and colleagues. Saw a lot of posts in facebook and they change the Godzilla into Barney the dinosaur....

Next movie, XMEN, yayy 

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