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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Next Trip

I have this friend a promise breaker. For example, tonight we gonna watch movie, because of him we have to change the time. Now even worse, He told me and planed well n mention that wanna go for trip. I thought of quite a long time because I wasn't sure weather I could take my annual leave but he force me to be fast. Ok I successfully applied and then next I do a lot of research regarding hotels, place to visit during the trip because he don't have the time. We bought ticket last week and last night I received his super bad news!!
He told me he might not be able to join. I have put so much effort to do the research, to book the hotel and tickets and also have been keep on asking bout my leave now the answer is he might cancel the trip.

I not gonna know wad happen next, but I stick to my plan even though he might not be going but I will go there alone.

Btw I gonna post more pictures for my next trip so stay tune!

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