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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Real friends tell you the ugly truth, not pretty lies

There is a quote where "Real friends tell you the ugly truth, not pretty lies" but when they told you your ugly truth by insulting you but when u tell them their ugly truth they got mad at you, whats that point for them telling me my ugly truth while they actually can't accept their own??

Ok, I know I have a lot of weakness and that is why I never improve in my work and always bullied by people around me. My friend told me all my weakness and even insulting and laughing at me, I ask him why and he told me that he is telling the truth as the truth about me is very ugly. At the same time I apply this theory on him and he got mad and mention that I never wanted to listen to people advice and even said I m on revenge meanwhile from my point of view, he is the one who have a lot of negative truth that He suppose to knew by himself too and when I told him he got mad???

I m sick with this kind of people, have not been meeting him for 2 weeks just because of his negative attitude. Well maybe He noticed that I m avoiding him and he tried to get some attention by insulting me??? You can telling me my ugly truth but why can't I do the same to you? Or should I reply him back with this quote? "Be careful of your words, once they're said they can only be forgiven but not forgotten"

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